Clerical Ministry - Sis Bertha Williams/Sis Hilda Wiggins/Sis Eugenia Sharpe
Deacon Board - Deacon Curtis Wiliams/Deacon Sol Carroway
Deaconess Board - Deaconess Ellie Boatwright
Embracing Ministry - Missionary Genel McCord
Hospitality Ministry - Missionary Beverly Watkins
Mass Choir - Sis Delores Thomas
Missionary Ministry - Missionary Faustina Johnson-Williams/Missionary Eugenia Sharpe
Mothers Board - Mother Cora Hicks/Mother Joyce Taylor/Mother Lourine Harrison/Mother Joanne Peterson/Mother Melinda Green
Music Ministry -Rev. Johnson/ Bro Ernesto Marks
Nurses Ministry - Sis Bernice Jones/Sis Lystra Braithwaite
Pastor's Assistant Ministry - Sis Loama Jones
Sunday School Department - Rev. Rose King-Bennett/Deacon Sol Carroway
Ushers Ministry - Sis Bernice Jones
Youth Choir - Sis Hilda Wiggins
Youth Ministry - Millie Evans
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