Reverend Freddie Lee Brown
On January 25, 1970, the Reverend Freddie Lee Brown and a small group of twenty-two members stepped out in faith from the Bright Light Baptist Church. On the 30th day of the month, those faithful few met at Light House Temple and organized a Baptist mission.

The membership of this mission felt a need to name this young and growing fellowship. Many of the charter members were involved with the new mission, it was suggested that the worshiping body become known as "Greater Bright Light Missionary Baptist Church." This name was unanimously approved.

The Reverend Brown, organizer of the mission, became the first pastor of the Greater Bright Light Missionary Baptist Church.

As the church continued to grow, Pastor Brown realized a need to formalize the church's status. On November 10, 1970, the Greater Bright Light Baptist Church became an official organization recognized by the laws of the State of New York.

A permanent place of worship was sought and on December 23, 1970 the structure at 1603 St. Johns Place, a 40 by 100 feet building was purchased.

The congregation worked long and hard to ready this structure for the worship of our LORD. We knew that with our faith that God would make a way for us.

As the years went by, God allowed us to improve our physical plant and God blessed us with increased number.

In 1975, Reverend Brown received the call to the pastorate of Mt. Gillion Baptist Church in Cleveland, Ohio. In October 1976, he tendered his resignation, effective December 1976.
Reverend H. DeVore Chapman

In November of 1976 Reverend H. DeVore Chapman was called as the pastor. Pastor Chapman drew many souls to Christ and the membership continued to grow.

In June 1990 the church relocated into a larger edifice at its current address, 1320 Sutter Avenue, Brooklyn, New York. The mortgage was retired on our former building at 1603 St. Johns Place. Through our leader, Pastor Chapman we have accomplished the following:

  • A marked increase in membership and twenty-one Ministries were organized within the Church.
  • Computerized the Administrative function of the church.
  • Established one of the leading Day Care Center's in East New York, and an after school program and a senior citizens program.
  • Active Ministries were introduced at the Homeless Shelter, and biweekly Outreach services in facilities for the emotionally challenged.
  • Signed a six-year multimillion dollar contract for home health care with the City of New York, known as the "Greater Bright Light Home Health Care Agency."

As we look back on the past three Decades and 7 years, we celebrate! We can celebrate our accomplishments and our Milestones, we have weathered the spiritual storm of those years and as we continue to celebrate our service to the LORD.

We continue to look ahead through the vision given to Pastor Chapman with the recent acquisitions of the two Crescent Street corner properties. We continue to weather the Storms and keep the faith, always remembering -- "SOULS ARE IMPORTANT"
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